2016: Outliers

Arizona State University is the New American University, a model developed by ASU's President Michael Crow that re-conceptualizes the current standard of higher education. With this model, ASU seeks to be defined by the students it includes rather than excludes, its impact on the public good and its responsibility for the broader community. In this spirit of innovation, ASU brings together brilliant thinkers from a host of fields to discuss their groundbreaking research and ideas in TEDxASU. This eye-opening, half-day conference offers its attendees the opportunity to listen to individuals who have redefined their respective fields. It is our hope that participants will leave with the desire to become disruptive leaders in their corresponding disciplines



Athena Aktipis is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at Arizona State University, Collaborative Researcher at the Biodesign Institute, and co-Director of the Human Generosity Project. Dr. Aktipis studies cooperation across ...

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