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TEDxASU is a  playground for the creative mind, through which we connect and engage leading thinkers and doers from the worldwide reach of Arizona State University. TEDx partnerships allow corporations, TEDx speakers and the TED & TEDx community from the worlds of science, design, technology, business, education, and arts to collaborate in a human-centered way

Interested in collaborating with the TEDxASU Community?

TEDsters are smart and passionate - ready to learn, share and take action. Join our diverse community of speakers, attendees, viewers and more to find a place where your company, corporation or foundation can help foster ideas around the ASU community.

Contact Addie Fairley, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Sustainability.

Vanguard: $10,000 or best offer

By definition, a Vanguard is a group of people leading the way by new development or ideas. With only one Vanguard partnership available, this fully customizable package offers the highest visibility to the 3,000+ attendees during the event and worldwide after the event through the use of videos and social media. We offer the following exclusively to our Vanguard partner:

  • Naming rights to the pre-symposium

  • Customized promotional display at the entrance of the event

  • Employee Discount

  • All other partner benefits


Visionary: $7,000

We as a society often look to visionaries to help think about and plan the future. Visionary partners are granted the opportunity to familiarize and interact deeply with these community members through the use of a semi-customizable package. We offer the following to our Visionary partners:

  • Displayed logo on all TEDxASU Videos

  • VIP tickets

  • Items in the guest gift bag

  • Frontiersman benefits

Frontiersman: $5,000

Frontiersmen are at the forefront of innovation, as they look towards the future. The opportunity to be a frontiersman is for organizations who strive to efficiently share their brand and product to our participants. We offer the following to our Visionary partners:

  • 50 word message on the official TEDxASU website

  • Official branding photoshoot

  • Logo displayed in New Letters

  • Venturers benefits


Venturers: $2,500

Venturers are often viewed as the modern-day heroes as they embark on new and exciting journeys that lead to discoveries. Our venturer partnership provides the unique opportunity to promote your organization's products and ideas to our diverse arena of participants .We offer the following to our Venturers partners:

  • Logo displayed on website

  • Orchestra pit  tickets

  • Blog Posts

  • Voyager benefits


Voyager: $1,000

Voyagers have historically been known to embark on journeys that have aided in many of the crucial discoveries of our time. Our voyager partnership is designed to share and promote the ideas of organizations to our large local audience. We offer the following to our Voyager partners:

  • VIP gift bag

  • Promotional social media posts

  • Post-event tickets

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