The Future of Our Oceans

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Going to the beach, fishing, surfing, swimming, are all things we need an ocean for… but what if one day our oceans were unsafe to be around? There would be no more beach walks, snorkeling, or shell hunting, no more beach volleyball. Our oceans can become extinct, and it could happen sooner than most people think.

Vinny Mattiola, co-founder and director of CetoSea, has made a living exploring and sailing our oceans, but what he’s seen isn’t always beautiful.

“If you’ve seen it on land, I’ve seen it in the ocean,” Mattiola said in an email. He’s seen Starbucks lids, yogurt containers, mountains of water bottles, even busses. Some things are unrecognizable but the things that are, Mattiola likes to mail back to the original company. “That’s the mini activist in me I suppose”.

While on sailing trips, Mattiola and his clients use their abilities and knowledge to help clean up the beaches, leaving them cleaner when they leave than when they came.

There is no specific place in the world that has it the worst, according to Mattiola, rather that every part of every ocean could potentially be affected by human pollution.

After Hurricane Erma in 2017, Mattiola traveled to St. Martin in the Caribbean to help clean up the island. “When you couple our standard lifestyle of disposability with a major weather event like that, you get an unprecedented amount of waste that enters the sea. And it’s easy to feel so small in the scale of it.” Mattiola said.

Many coral reefs and sea creatures face becoming extinct. According to Mattiola, “If nothing changes, our oceans will become barren deserts.”

Losing our oceans for good will not only affect the ecosystem, but the livelihood of many people who depend on our oceans and beaches for food, water, work, and happiness.

But, there is still hope. According to Mattiola there are things that we can do in our everyday lives that can help save our oceans, even if you live in the middle of the desert.

1. Eliminate disposable plastic products out of your daily life.

Use a reusable water bottle or bring your own bags when shopping.

2. Pick up trash off of the beaches

The next time you’re on a beach walk, instead of walking past the trash, pick it up. See how much you can collect… maybe you’ll see it’s worse than you thought.

The future of our Oceans is in our hands.

What will you do to help?


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