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Welcome to TEDx, to our TEDxASU blog, and to the future!

You might be asking yourself, what is TEDxASU?

Glad you asked.

TEDx is an organization that puts together TED-talk style events, celebrating and informing the community about new ideas, projects, and theories about, well, anything.

This year, we explore the theme “Next Generation”, where students, professors, community members, and more will share their ideas about how our future might look and operate.

This theme is broad and up to your interpretation. What you may envision happening in the next generation might be different to the person sitting right across from you. However, something we can all agree on is that things since the previous generation have vastly changed and change is inevitable in our future.

Fifty years ago, getting cash required a trip to the bank. Humans hadn’t walked on the moon. Interracial romance wasn’t on TV. A gallon of gas cost 34 cents. Heart transplants weren’t an option. Computers were the sizes of rooms.

Fast forward to present day, and our world has completely evolved. We are posed with thrilling opportunities, yet many alarming challenges lie ahead of us. How will our world change when faced with climate change and dwindling resources? What will social interaction look like? Will we discover cures for more fatal diseases? What will social media encompass in the future?

At TEDxASU 2019, we want to explore what life will look like in the 22nd century and how we can take part in building it together.

Keep exploring what NextGen might look like by reading our next blog post.

What do you think the future will look like?

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